Cost per page Rip Off!

Cost per page Rip Off!

WARNING Cost per page Rip Off!

The Cost per Copy Scam!

We have been approached by many Companies who have requested comparison quotes against their current spend and we generally, have a remit to better the very low copy cost they have in place. To correctly maintain your equipment to the correct specification, there is a minimum amount needed to support the machines as we only supply genuine Toner, Parts and Consumables.
Therefore, we know straight away if the cost is too low to be right and the supplier has used a Cost per Scan rather than a Cost per Page method for counting copies.
We have known specific company’s charge per scan and invoice as a page cost and the discerning customer is blissfully unaware they are being charged 3 or 4 times the amount due to this underhanded scam.

Example A
Colour – 3 clicks per copy and NOT one cost per page:-
If you have made say … 900,000 Colour copies/prints on the meters – you’ve parted with £27,000 at 3p per print – whereas your true and actual volume is only 300,000 at 3p per print and you should have paid just £9,000

Example B
Mono – 1 click when producing mono (black and white) copies/prints and 1 click when producing colour copies/prints. NOT just one click when producing mono (black and white):-
If you have made say … 1,500,000 Mono prints and 1,500,000 Colour copies/prints, on the meters your mono (black and white) will now have a reading of 3,000,000 – so you’ve parted with £960 at 0.32p per print – whereas your true and actual volume is only 150,000 at 0.32p per print and you should have paid just £480
Based on the above Example – You have overpaid by at least £18,480

How to check if this applies to you …
• Select one or more of your units and go to the Counter in the Menu
• NOTE the present total meter count for both Mono and Colour
• Make just one Mono and one Colour copy
• Then revisit the total meter count again and compare the readings
• If the meter has registered more than one click for each then you are a victim

This simple exercise very revealing, and you can also cross-check your Paper Stock as a sanity test. Paper usage reflects your true volume and this will also identify if what you are being charged for just does not stack up. Using the above example – if you are being charged for 30,000 prints per month on this scam you need to be buying 12 boxes of Paper – if your true volume is just 7,500 then 3 boxes will be sufficient.

All our equipment counts correctly and is part of our comprehensive check before equipment is delivered. If you have fallen victim of this click scam then talk to us today as we can help you

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