Managed Print Solutions

Many Companies are offering a ‘Managed Print Service’ but is this really true, or is it just a buzz word they have heard somewhere?

Far too often a Company swoops in with a fancy new agreement promising the answer to all your random consumable and ad-hoc equipment purchases. You know the problem – often the case that someone is put in charge of printing in additional to a full time job role and agrees to take it on. They are then bombarded with broken desktop printers and urgent consumable orders at high costs from random suppliers with no guarantees on service delivery. On top of this, equipment breaks down presenting an urgent need to be fixed at any cost.Managed Print Solutions This scenario is increasingly hard to control and any form of budget is impossible. Pressure mounts and everything seems to be reactive.

Some offerings of Managed print solutions often end up no better in the long run. Perhaps some equipment does get changed and you do feel a short term benefit from spot placements but all too often after the salesman has gone, you realise you are still running half of your old fleet and now your ‘New Provider’ is sending you cheap consumable cartridges that don’t work properly and they tell you that you can’t have any more replacement equipment for several months! Sound familiar?Managed Print Solutions This is so often the case and the ‘Managed Print Solution’ you thought you signed up for is nothing more than a higher spend than you had previously.

Is this Your Experience….Something not quite as imagined?


Now for a Pro-active approach…..  

Reflections Office Solutions offer a true ‘Managed Print Solution’Managed Print Solutions
Our Managed Print services start by a full Print Audit your current fleet. We have two solutions for this. We either add a device to your network which sits harmlessly and silently in the background for a period of days or weeks which identifies your true current volume, or we walk round all your locations and manually interrogate your equipment for readings. This process happens again at the end of a monitored period so we have a true volume to work with. We identify your current equipment and assess its life, reliability and running costs. We discuss your needs and future requirements and then present a plan which is properly ‘Managed’. We have a map of a period of either three or five years which incorporates both your changes and your needs with a constantly evolving equipment replacement schedule all at an agreed cost per copy/print. This puts you back in control with a fixed budget removing your support and ordering headaches once and for all. The equipment change program is always adjustable in case your needs change further on. Always working around your needs and timing we become a seamless background function leaving you to concentrate on your business. You have a set cost a volume of copies/prints, working equipment with needs and changes catered for. Surely, only this is true ‘Managed Print’?
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