New Remote Support

New Remote Support

Its the end of our R-hub TurboMeeting for us…

After years with our trusty Remote Support Rhub Server its time for a change. This unit has served us very well and for IT support companies wishing to have their own in house remote access solution it’s a good choice.

For Reflections though, with both the demise of Collaboration Technologies (UK Distributor) and with IT standards that keep changing, we felt that we needed a quicker solution to connect to our customers without the need to download large and complicated software. We also have a vast array of Apple Mac users where the Rhub Turbomeeting was not at its strongest.

To be able to deliver faster, better and completely encrypted end to end support, we are now pleased to offer a new solution (yes we did say this just last year but read on!). We bid thanks to Rhub for their help thus far and wish them all the best in their future product development.

We have also ceased our previous alternative ‘goto’ remote support software as we felt that no matter how good software is, a development company now based solely in Russia should be something that is questioned due to stories we keep reading about in the press, so time to move on yet again……

Quick and easy connection for IT Remote Support and Access

Our new computer connection/support service is second to none. We are sure you will experience the difference next time a remote support session is needed. Added to this the end to end security, it carries a certain peace of mind (with all the IT risks out there in todays world).

Now, Remote Sessions can simply be started from any web browser on any platform without any special settings.

For more information or to learn more about our IT support services please contact us

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