Refurbishment Programme

Reflections Equipment Refurbishment

We have a 39 step refurbishment programme which ensures used equipment performs to the same standard as New. Too often you find our rivals just unloading used equipment straight from the last customer or an equipment trader to a customer’s doorstep. We all know the result, either bits don’t work on arrival or the equipment breaks down shortly afterwards and years of problematic issues have to be looked at by a stream of engineers.

Our approach is different. We strip every unit back down to its frame, clean, inspect, adjust, lubricate and make sure it performs with extensive testing. All the accessories are also put through the same paces. Any previous data from the previous owner is also cleared/destroyed. Nothing leaves our workshops until all checks are made and signed off.

We often think of our equipment as a similar experience to sitting in a fine restaurant, they don’t rush bad food out, instead people wait for excellence. In the same way, we take our time over our refurbishments, to give you an excellent trouble free experience. It’s what set’s our used equipment apart from the rest