Ricoh Equipment

We supply Ricoh industry-leading printers, multi-functional devices and copiers. Ricoh hardware and software products have been designed to enhance every environment. Whether you’re looking for professional productivity for a large commercial office, or a superior piece of hardware for your small office or home, the easy to use, eco-friendly products bring you the best in Ricoh’s technology innovation.

Ricoh Document Solutions and Services help you optimise how your company manages digital and paper-based information. As document management grows more complex, the right workflow solutions can help your business work better, faster and more efficiently.

Ricoh’s range of all in one printers places broad functionality at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for a wireless, networked or standalone black and white or colour multifunction printer, we offer fast, high quality, user friendly products that will boost your productivity at an affordable price.

Ricoh’s intelligent remote device management system monitors exactly how much and how often your print devices are being used. It can also identify opportunities to reduce your running costs – making @Remote the faster, more efficient way to manage your machines.
With @Remote you no longer have to check your devices manually, saving you time and money, and freeing you to focus on your core business. @Remote provides:
  1. Automatic meter reading – no more manual readings, resulting in enhanced billing efficiency and accuracy.
  2. Automatic toner replenishment – your machines need never run out again, helping you to maximise their usage.
  3. Automatic fault notification – alerts Ricoh when a fault occurs and provides a diagnostic report. Faults are fixed quickly – meaning less downtime.
  4. Detailed usage reporting – puts you in control of your machines, helping with asset optimisation and monitoring total cost of ownership.
No more running around
Once @Remote is connected, readings can be transmitted and invoices created automatically – no more doing the rounds on foot, checking and re- checking readings and then filling in forms. Not only will this do wonders for your productivity, it can also reduce your admin costs – and eliminate human error.
@Remote even knows when your toner is low and orders a replacement cartridge before the old one runs out.
So instead of downtime, you get smooth and efficient printing when you need it.