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Welcome to the cloud

Providing you with the ability to move all or parts of your IT infrastructure to the cloud. With predictable pricing and scaling as you grow- we simplify your business growth.

Fully removing electricity costs and failing hardware, our industry leading cloud server is instantly adaptable and scalable to cope with spikes in your technology needs.
Unlike rival offerings, we just charge you for the resource that's used so you're not paying for any underutilisation.
With no more hardware to buy or downtime on your premises you can start enjoying a more secure way of accessing your data and wave goodbye to the hassle of managing on-site servers.


Do you run out of room to store your files? Are you worried about back up for your important data? Let us transfer you to Ros-CloudStore. All your files in safe secure cloud storage. Whether its storage or backup you require, our service can be customised to fit your exact requirements