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ROS-SupportIT is an affordable
and flexible IT Support Service
built around you.
Pick the package that meets your business needs
ROS-Support is here to ensure that your business runs smoothly. Our engineers have decades of experience in assisting people like you to get the most out of their IT.
  • ROS-Support
  • Pay per incident
  • Help when you need it
  • ROS-SupportIT
  • Remote Assistance & Telephone Support
  • Better Value
  • Fixed monthly Cost
  • ROS-SupportIT
  • Remote Assistance & Telephone Support
  • On site visits included
  • Best value
  • Fixed monthly Cost

ROS-SupportIT is our IT Support Service which deals with the day to day issues most networks throw up.

From adding new addresses to email servers to daily back ups, bug fixes, system supports, document recovery, permissions management and many other PC related problems.

As you can see, ROS-SupportIT is the go to solution for any business!

Reflections IT staff have many years experience in the IT industry.

Therefore we can ensure that IT stress in no longer one of your daily issues!

In addition to our on site server support packages, let us migrate your server into the cloud. Fully removing electricity costs and failing hardware, our industry leading cloud server is instantly adaptable and scalable to cope with spikes in your technology needs. Unlike rival offerings, we just charge you for the resource that is used so you’re not paying for any underutilisation. With no more hardware to buy or downtime on your premises you can start enjoying a more secure way of accessing your data and wave goodbye to the hassle of managing on-site servers.

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