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VoIP Made Simple

The latest step forward in modern communications, Hosted removes the need for on-site routing hardware such as PBX and offers vastly improved communication services for a fraction of the cost- offering significant advantages to businesses.

Hosted uses entirely Cloud based technology. This allows consistently higher quality voice and data to be transmitted, all through a single Internet connection, rather than through the previous on-site PBX technology.


Hosted VoIP allows for complex flexibility, allowing you to create detailed calling options, diversions or routing for complicated issues. Changes can be made instantly, allowing you to maintain service in unexpected situations or emergencies.


With PBX communication, issues can be devastating for business. Waiting for replacement parts or engineers can cause significant downtime and loss for your business. As Hosted is virtual, solutions can be implemented in real-time remotely, significantly reducing downtime.


As all data is transmitted through the Internet, you can securely protect information through encryption far more strongly than through traditional telephony.

Why Are So Many Businesses Adopting Hosted?

More than
of UK businesses
currently use

The Internet is rapidly becoming a key part of all communications, and Hosted utilises this in a seamless and stable way. It is quickly gaining huge popularity within the business market, at a rate which is only accelerating.

The significant advantages Hosted offers make previous telecommunications somewhat redundant. BT will begin migrating all landline users to VoIP in 2018*.

Making this move before BT’s push is allowing modern businesses to stay ahead of the game, and saves wasted investment in outdated technology.

* BT's CEO Gavin Paterson, 2017
Advantages Hosted Offers Your Business

Hosted is an attractive and in-demand solution for businesses of all sizes. Versatile and adaptable, it can meet unique requirements and is able to grow as your company changes.


Significantly improved quality of voice and data, even for long distance connections.


Cloud-based technology means data can be backed up in real-time for easy retrieval and assurance.


By 2025, BT is transitioning all landlines to VoIP technology, making further investments in traditional telephony wasted money.


Internet connection allows for more secure voice and data transmission, through stronger encryption.


Hosted can be adapted for unique, complex solutions to your business needs, in a way that is impossible with traditional telephony


Seamlessly sending voice and data over the Internet, often using existing infrastructure, means businesses can reduce monthly expenses by up to 50%.


It can be used anywhere in the world, perfect for remote workers or location changes.


Hosted can easily be adapted to grow with your changing business needs, without minimal need for internal phone management.