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Why the Polar Bear

While you may have guessed that a reflection is one of the key processes in making a copy, which is where our roots were many years ago, you may have wondered where then, is the reflection of the polar bear in our logo? For us, the bear stands for so much moreā€¦..

At Reflections we care about the choices we make and how they impact on our environment. Being an ethical Company we make our choices wisely and think about the impact they have. We don't just supply new equipment then dispose of it when its deemed no longer useful. We have a full multi-point refurbishment program that's so detailed, the equipment is transformed to a near new condition, meaning that it can be used again for another lifecycle, re-utilising its potential. As well as supplying this equipment to companies with budget restrictions, we also supply this nearly new equipment for free (no hardware cost) to both local schools and the education sector, reducing both their costs and commitment significantly.

This helps to redirect school's budgets to other much needed areas. When the equipment is returned, it's then either completely stripped and recycled into its elements, or exported to countries where the equipment can be used again. All these choices save a vast amount of land-fill that affects our planets resources.

Our planets resources are precious, and whilst Polar bears have no natural enemies, unless we all make a change, studies predict that global warming could melt enough sea ice to lead to the disappearance of two-thirds of polar bears by 2050, as bears rely on sea ice to hunt. The sea ice is melting due to our choices which determine our global impact.

Although polar bears appear white, their fur is actually transparent. It only appears white, because it reflects visible light (To humans and other animals that can see only in visible light). Under their fur, polar bear skin is actually black. Like the Polar Bear's fur, our agreements are also transparent (unlike many competitors in the marketplace). We don't hide things away so there are no nasty surprises. Rest assured that you know what you are signing up for with our clear and easy to understand agreements, so you know that there are no hidden tricks such as paying more for your usage than you should do.

Our main Partner Ricoh, have been running a successful tree replanting programme for a number of years and our own business for a quarter of a century has been in document imaging. Although imaging and software has changed the shape of IT in recent years, people still produce paper and even though efforts to reduce document output have helped, the truly paperless environment may still be years away.

At Reflections, we're extremely proud of our Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Since its inception in 2014 we have donated over £11,000 to good causes which support the environment. Whilst we as a business move forward with pace, we have to be accountable for what we do to the world, so our policy is to donate 0.5% of our sales turnover, and in some small way we hope it helps.

Reflections... for the benefit of companies, customers and the environment. Our Polar bear reflects our ethos.